Elite Hydrostatic Inflator Re-Aem Kit


         Model Number: MA5183  (24g)


          For model numbers: MD5183, MD5183 BC, MD5153, MD5153 BC.


Hydrostatic Inflator Re-Aem Kit


          Model Number:MA7214  (33g)


                              Model Number:MA7214 - 10 (33g)


        For model numbers: MD3153 02, MD3154 02, MD3183, MD3184, MD3188.

MD3153 BC, MD3183 BCMD1250, MD1250 SO



Mustang Survival Rescue Stick™Re-Aem Kit


Model Number:MA7206  (33g)


       For model numbers: MRD100 


The Manual Inflatable Re-Arm Kit.


         Model Number:MA7113  (33g)


     For model numbers  MD3091MD3091 SO,

All Mustangs automatic inflatable PFDs come with cylinders and bobbins.


Model Number:MA9210


                Bobbin replacements for automatic PFDs

Replacement Safety Pins
Model Number: MA7159

 Manual Conversion Kit


Model Number: MA7219



MD0450 22、MD4020、MD4030、MD1250、MD1250 SO、MD3196、MD3196 SOと互換性があります。